mercredi 25 juillet 2007

SO , it is now Official

It is like pushing the recording button again, after more than Four long years i have decided to open the Pandora's box.

Emptyness is quite the right word , to describe, what music inspired to me lately; there is no actual music which satisfy myself as a listener.
I did such statement when i was a teen, i was so bored, & i did it , i did my own music with the results you probably know.

Elégia is Returning

The page is blank, i have no ideas of the incoming results & honnestly i feel myself so free from any music styles that i don't give a S..T.

Thanks for reading & soon for listening

From Nowhere With Love, still


3 commentaires:

benoit a dit…

enfin une bonne nouvelle !

Matthias a dit…

great news, indeed. we need some elegia. i've already waited on fcom for your second album, which unfortunately never came out. so i am eager to listen to some new material.

Pavis a dit…

salut lolo
heureux de voir qu'élégia est de retour enfin!!! tu vas tous péter.
des que tu as des news fait le moi savoir ,que j'y jette une oreille plus qu'impatiente bise ...
thierry Pouette Pouette!!!hihihi