samedi 28 juillet 2007

it continues

Got no time to post anything yesterday , i was quite busy in fact , at designing & working the sounds i have recorded into different modules.

I'm mixing different techniques, using different technologies such as resynthesis, sampling, or the "cuttings", i am having FUN.

The recording went fine i must confess , as the picture shows below i have used some weirdo things & a key element to the elegia's sound since the beginning : the melodica.

I now have quite a bunch of elements which do work toguether & i have programmed a very "strong" rythm pattern but i doubt i will keep it, it reminds me something that has been made into an old Bjork's lp.

I wrote yesterday as well a very sweet melodic lead using the roland sh-09 & some chords just before to take care of the sounds i recorded the day before.

The funny part : all that mess can "work" toguether" , i mean there were an idea deep inside me which was hiding & wanted to be ouputed using a way or another.

hazard et nécessité


jeudi 26 juillet 2007

back into the "process"

You have no idea how dusty was the mic stand !
I have stocked the thing during so many months , not to mention it took me a while before to find the right audio cable in order to plug the Audio Technica At-4050 microphone.

Just did a few tests last evening in order to make the sound on the Avalon 737 for different audio takes.

I think it's gonna be the starting point of the "process", i'm gonna record different stuff, vocals noises,objects being hit by other objects & so forth.
The idea is to create different textures & natural rythms that will be processed then after into a secret weapon.....

"oh great ??! then you will add a kick don't u ? "

I truly don"t know , is that necessary ???, to always normalize something to an existing genre.......

I plan to use a guitar as well... what for ?

Certainly not for playing guitar, you can trust me.........

Time to shut down the Internet's computer........

mercredi 25 juillet 2007

SO , it is now Official

It is like pushing the recording button again, after more than Four long years i have decided to open the Pandora's box.

Emptyness is quite the right word , to describe, what music inspired to me lately; there is no actual music which satisfy myself as a listener.
I did such statement when i was a teen, i was so bored, & i did it , i did my own music with the results you probably know.

Elégia is Returning

The page is blank, i have no ideas of the incoming results & honnestly i feel myself so free from any music styles that i don't give a S..T.

Thanks for reading & soon for listening

From Nowhere With Love, still